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October - November 2023 News


We are excited to report that our application was accepted with a 5 to 1 vote by the Siuslaw School Board and negotiations are moving forward to enter into a contract with the district.  School opening is planned for September of 2025, offering enrollment for K-6 grades to start.  In the meantime, the search will begin for Head of School and the location/ building for the school.  Whitmore Classical Academy will be open to all students at no charge. 

December '23  - January 2024 News

Two new members have been added to our Founding Board.

We are excited to announce Kay King, in the role of Vice Chairman and Jodi O'Mara, retired Elementary School Principal and Superintendent at Mapleton are new members of our team.

February 2024

Considerable time has been spent in starting our negotiations with Siuslaw School District due to miscommunication and misinformation. A face-to-face meeting on Feb 7th led to clearing up much of the misinformation.

Here are links to a discussion of the charter school model plus documents from our legislators and attorneys clarifying the non-issue.

1. Boomer Wright , Our District 9 Oregon State Representative and former school superintendent

2. Kevin Mannix , Oregon State Representative and Co-author of the congressional bill that defines Public Charter Schools for Oregon

On February 14th, the Siuslaw School Board voted 5 to 2 to move forward with the contract negotiations for our charter school.  To further streamline the discussion process, we have made the decision to move forward using a classical education curriculum.

March 2024

The search for the executive officer commenced March 12th.  This position is often called "CEO/Principal". The CEO/Principal will be responsible for developing all programs and systems associated with the opening of Whitmore Classical Academy and would assume the position Aug 2024.  

The CEO/Principal is an active teacher and administrator of the school.

See the job description for CEO/Principal Here.

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